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Man Scales Fence, Strips, Steals Truck, Crashes Into Jet

A civilian in Nebraska managed to scale an airport fence, strip down to his boxer shorts, steal a pickup truck and crash it into the nose of an airliner.

'Painful': Rebels Leave Besieged City in Win for Assad

Video and photographs showed at least two buses carrying men, women and children leave a bombed out neighborhood.

Apple Fixes Security Flaw After Major Texting Hack

Once infected, the phone could become a digital spy, capable of employing the iPhone's camera and microphone to snoop.

Nun in Quake Photo: I Texted Friends to Say Goodbye

Sister Marjana Lleshi had messaged her friends to "say goodbye" after being caught up in Wednesday's deadly quake.

Obamacare Program Saved Medicare $466 Million

A plan to make hospitals and doctors work better together saved Medicare $466 million last year, a federal report finds.