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Oldest Known Pearl Harbor Survivor Returns to Honor the Fallen

The word 'survivor' seems especially fitting when describing Ray Chavez — a 104-year-old gym rat who defies his age.

Iran: We Won't Allow Trump to 'Tear Up' Nuclear Deal

Hardliners are hopeful that Trump's tougher stance will mean an end to the recent rapprochement with the United States, their historic enemy.

'Shame on You!': Sheriff Livid After Shooting of Ex-NFLer

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand struck a fiery and defensive tone in response to people questioning why the suspect was initially released.

Will Trump Quash Burgeoning Zero-Emission Fuel-Cell Technology?

Several car makers are betting hydrogen can clean up the nation's heavy-duty truck fleet — but will climate-change-skeptic Trump kill their plans?

New Push for Oversight of Hollywood Open Air Tour Vans

An NBC investigation revealed that many celebrity tour vans have seatbelts removed, and may also be unsafe for passengers in case of rollovers.