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Speed, Fatigue Eyed After Casino Bus Crash Kills 13

NBC's Morgan Radford reports for TODAY from near Palm Springs, California.

Cyber Attacks Now Closer to Your Home Than Ever

The cyber attack that slowed many popular sites to a crawl last week is attracting new scrutiny to the security of the so-called "Internet of Things."

The AT&T Deal Could Change How We Watch TV

The tie-up of AT&T and Time Warner could kick off a new round of industry consolidation amid massive changes in how people watch TV.

'Political Giant' and Activist Tom Hayden Dead at 76

Once denounced as a traitor by his detractors, Tom Hayden won election to the California Assembly and Senate where he served for almost two decades

Five Killed in Fiery Aircraft Crash

All five people on board a twin-prop Fairchild Metroliner died when it crashed on takeoff from Malta.