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ISIS Surprise Attack Is Reality Check After Week of Gains

ISIS' territorial losses around Mosul are forcing it to become more to focused on popup attacks rather than holding ground, experts say.

Teen Terror Suspect Arrested After 'Item' Found on Subway

Counterterrorism police arrested a 19-year-old man in London on terrorism-related charges, a day after a suspicious item was found on the subway.

Running for Cover on Kirkuk's Streets as ISIS Attack

Kurdish fighters scrambled to take cover when gunfire broke out during a series of ISIS attacks on this oil city in northeastern Iraq.

Feds Seek Detention of Accused Top Secret Document Thief

Federal prosecutors are urging a judge to order the continued detention of a Maryland man accused of stealing highly classified materials from NSA

Venezuela: Officials Suspend Recall Campaign to Oust Pres Maduro

The announcement came as a shock to many Venezuelans, who were gearing up for the chance to sign petitions next week seeking Nicolas Maduro's removal.