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DHS Told to Start Crackdown on Illegal Border Crossings

DHS Secretary John Kelly's memos are similar to orders signed by Trump as part of his campaign promise to take a harder line on illegal immigration.

SCOTUS Appears Headed for a Tie in Cross-Border Shooting Case

The court appeared headed for a tie and would order the case to be reheard if Neil Gorsuch is confirmed as the ninth Supreme Court justice.

Seven People Fall Through Ice in Central Park Pond

Dramatic video shows the moments before and after a group of seven young people plunged through the ice on a pond in Central Park Monday.

Need for Speed: Wisconsin Teens Build Backyard Roller Coaster

When you are two teenagers who crave the thrill of riding a roller coaster, but you are miles away from an amusement park, what do you do? You build your own. WTMJ's Rebecca Klopf reports.

Cab Ride to Border: Immigrants Flee US for Refuge in Canada

Immigrants are illegally crossing from the US into Canada in growing numbers hoping to receive refugee status. WPTZ's Liz Strzepa reports.