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Congress Demands Info About Reenlistment Bonus Scandal

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has promised a resolution as Congress demands documents about a reenlistment bonus scandal

See Rare Bush Dog Pups Come Out to Play

Pups from two recent litters of endangered South American bush dogs made their first appearance at Chester Zoo, U.K.

Robbed On FaceTime: Victim's Girlfriend Watches Robbery Unfold

An Austin college student was robbed at gunpoint while his horrified girlfriend watched on FaceTime. KXAN's Arezow Doost reports

Venezuela: Congress Opens Political Trial Against Pres. Maduro

Venezuela's opposition-controlled congress has opened a political trial against Pres. Maduro claiming he broke the country's constitutional order.

Venezuela: Pres. Maduro Opponents Fan Flames of Birther Debate

Like the birther controversy surrounding Barack Obama in the U.S., the lack of any evidence hasn't stopped his opponents from speculating.