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Bombing Near Cairo Christian Cathedral Kills 25

Most of the victims are thought to be women and children.

Boeing, Iran Air Clinch $16 Billion Deal for 80 Planes

Boeing said the deal will support tens of thousands of U.S. jobs directly associated with production and delivery of the 777s and nearly 100,000 U.S. jobs overall.

160 Worshipers Killed After Church Collapses in Nigeria

Metal girders and the roof of a crowded church collapsed onto worshipers in southern Nigeria, killing at least 160 people with the toll likely to rise

Crystal's Cage: A Story of Abuse, Drug Dealing and Murder

Her mother seduced a prison guard. Then a detective. One gave Crystal life. The other helped dig the 3-year-old's grave.

Coffee Truck Helps Refugees Find Their Feet in America

While most look for a place that's convenient for coffee, people from all over are driving well out of their way to one Georgia town for what might be called a 'world brew.'