Politics Headlines

Vice President Mike Pence to visit North Dakota again

Confirm Kavanaugh Rally held in Bismarck

Riemers files petition to force recount in Secretary of State race

DRIVE Safe Act would reduce age threshold for commercial drivers if passed

Petition for citizen voting submitted to Secretary of State’s office

Senate passes its version of the Farm Bill

Star spangled celebration

President Trump and Sen. Heitkamp meet at White House

As president looks to fill Supreme Court seat, open federal position in Fargo remains

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NBC News Headlines

Lawmakers back guns for toddlers in Sacha Baron Cohen satire

Congressmen voiced support for weapons adorned with soft toys.

CVS apologizes after police called over black customer's coupon

"The employees who were involved in the incident will not be working in the store pending the findings of our investigation," a company spokesman said.

Test-tube rhinos? Experiment aims to save a vanishing species

The next step is using stem cells to try to grow pure northern white rhinos in the lab.

Passengers furious at Ryanair after pressure drop forces landing

German police said 33 of the 189 passengers on board were taken to a nearby hospital after complaining of headaches, ear pain and nausea.

Can the U.S. extradite the indicted Russians?

Legal analysis: If Trump asks Putin to turn over his intelligence operatives, Putin will turn them over only if he wants to.