When Babe Ruth came to Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Wednesday we will put Dave Hummel in our Sports Spotlight. You’ll learn about his at-bat against a pitching legend, but that wasn’t his only brush with baseball royalty.

As an 8-year-old, Hummel managed to get Babe Ruth’s autograph at the Bismarck airport.

"My dad worked at the airport. And he had gotten word that Ruth was coming through Bismarck. His plane had to fuel up on their way to the West Coast. My dad says 'C'mon, let's go up and get an autograph.' And I said 'nah-ah.' I'm scared to death. I said, 'This man, Babe Ruth?' And I'm just a little guy. So I'm kind of frightened of him. So dad went up, he got it. And he brought it back to me."

Hummel got that autograph in 1948. He held onto it until it was stolen, when his home was broken into a few years back.