Week 1 Win for Wentz

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BISMARCK, N.D. - One of the more impressive quarterback efforts in week one was turned in by Bismarck’s Carson Wentz. He helped the Eagles win in Washington yesterday.

Wentz threw for over 300 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the 13-point victory.

"Big win for us. Last year we struggled on the road and couldn't ask for a better opportunity to come down here against a divisional rival like this. It was so cool being out there, the Eagles fans showed up in amazing form and hearing the Eagles chant at the end. They travel so well so that made it a lot of fun to play out there and getting the season started off like this feels really good," said Wentz.

Wentz had one of the big highlight plays in the NFL on Sunday. He showed his poise, patience and arm strength on the game’s first touchdown.

"A lot of it honestly is instinct. Then ran a good coverage and just things broke down and just made plays but that's something we've talked about all off-season is just hey guys never die out there, always stay alive and get open and nelson did a great job and I think we had a couple of other guys open as well and that's just a big thing that we'll continue to work on and it'll be a big part of our game," said Wentz.

Wentz and the Eagles have another road game on the 17th. They head to Kansas City. The Chiefs started the season with a big win over New England.

Quotes courtesy: philadelphiaeagles.com