Trinity Titans 1st Game on Friday

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Not many high school teams in the state are waiting to play their first football game. The Trinity Titans are one of them. They only have seven regular season games this year.

One thing that has changed for the program is the schedule, with the move to Class-A.

"These are the teams that I grew up watching Trinity play and a lot of the teams I played when I was a Titan myself and we have Hazen back in the conference," said Trinity head coach John Odermann. "We have Killdeer in the conference, Beulah is there so they're a lot of teams that we are familiar with especially Beulah the last couple of years but that's one of those things that I really like about this new conference is Heart River, Bowman those are all teams that I grew up watching the Titans play and it's kind of cool. It's like the old Badlands Conference coming back together."

When the Titans open the season tomorrow it will be against Bowman County and it will be with a new quarterback, Aric Knopik takes over the offense.

Trinity quarterback Aric Knopik said: "Ever since the sixth grade in DFL. It was kind of put on me because I was the only one who could take an under center snap. Every since then it's just been always something I've like to do."

Friday night's battle with the Bulldogs is in Dickinson.