Sports Spotlight: Vanessa Herrmann

Swimming can be a fun way to pass the day during the heat of the summer but for Century's Vanessa Herrmann swimming is her passion and her passion will most likely lead her to a college scholarship.

The Patriots state champion is the subject of this week's Sports Spotlight.

Vanessa Herrmann, Century Senior Swimmer: "It's became, my life. Everything else is just kind of on the side, and it's like, oh, swimming."

What started out as, just swimming, became a strong passion Vanessa Herrmann was very good at.

Vanessa: "So my brother first started out with the high school team when he was a freshman, and then my sister decided she wanted to swim as a 7th grader, so then she started, and then my mom was like, since we're at the pool anyway, you're just going to start swimming. So that's how I got into swimming. And then, I hated it at first, but it didn't take long for me to fall in love."

That love has been growing for about 9 years now, and somehow, Vanessa continues to surprise herself.

"I never thought I would get this good. Looking back to about 4 years ago, talking to some of my teammates, it's like, never would have saw me this far ahead of my life. I guess, it's definitely a shock to me, and I definitely want to push myself further."

Kathy Aspaas, Century Girls Swim Coach: "Surprised in the fact that, she just keeps getting better, and looks for different ways of improving, and, she just has a good head on her shoulders as far as knowing what she wants to do, and finding ways to get it done."

With such a passionate drive to get better every day, Vanessa's swimming goals branch out further than college.

Vanessa: "My goal is to make the Olympic trials, and if, and see how far I can get in them, and if I do get the chance to make it to the Olympics, I'm all there. I'll take that any day."

While her Olympic days are still a few years off, Vanessa hopes to finish her senior season at Century with a few more state titles. She's grown to love four events, but her favorite, is only on the club level.

"Probably one of the most bruling races, would be the 400 IM. But, it's a love-hate relationship, but I love it."

Vanessa plans to compete in college, as she is currently in the recruiting process.