Women in the Magic City talk feedback

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Women across the Magic City shared their business experiences and how they've grown in their careers.

Christel Laskowski, one committee member says, "our committee group got together because we think there is a need for women to support women."

At 'Women Connect,' put on by the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce, these businesswomen focused on giving and receiving feedback, and handling constructive criticism.

Laskowski adds, "sometimes it's hard to give feedback to others in a constructive manner where they'll feel that they can learn from it instead of shut down by it."

The day's panelists addressed three very different aspects of the modern American workplace.

The first was feedback in a male dominated industry. Second was women to women feedback and lastly, was the struggle of having very tenured people in the organization and how to get those people into the direction that you're wanting to take"

Laskowski says that by learning how to take and give feedback, women can continue to strive for success in the workplace and in their lives.