Williston School Resource Officer Program benefits students, department

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Two years ago, Williston became one of the last Class-A schools to implement a Student Resource Officer Program.

Detective Danielle Hendricks was the SRO for the 2015-2016 school year.

"Being a School Resource Officer for Williston was absolutely one of the greatest accomplishments I've done in my career in Law Enforcement thus far. You actually can make a really big impact on the children and make a huge difference in their lives," says Hendricks.

And even though she's transitioned into other roles in the department, she still has a rapport with some students.

"I still have kids, to this day, from last year when I was in the schools that will call or text and say 'hey, I need help with this' or 'what are you doing, can we swing by your office and see you?' So to me, it's really awesome knowing you've made an impact," says Hendricks.

But the program doesn't just benefit students. Police have gained some valuable resources as well.

"Students will come in and give information, they help to solve cases, they bring in concerns that they're having in their own lives. It's a great way to work with children," says Lt. Det. Amy Nickoloff, WPD.

Hendricks says she believes that wouldn't have been the case if the position didn't exist.

"In my opinion, I don't believe the kids would have been able to come forward. Obviously if the School Resource Officer position wasn't implemented, they don't have that person to even come to," says Hendricks.

As the SRO program continues, the focus will remain on building beneficial relationships.

Williston now has two SROs.