Wildfire smoke prompting increase in patients seeking treatment

Sanford Health in Bismarck says more and more patients are seeking treatment because of the smoky haze.

Doctors say the particulate matter in the smoke is terrible to breathe in, especially for the elderly, infants, and people who have respiratory diseases.

"For those patients having those medical conditions, stay indoors. Unless you absolutely have to go outside. If you do, spend as little time outside as possible," Dr. Anthony Tello.

Doctor Tello says a lot of mucus can build up in your airway, you can get watery eyes, nasal and chest congestion, along with a scratchy throat.

We've also reached out to the North Dakota Health Department...and officials there say Bismarck hasn't been in 'red' in the air quality index in three years, but today it shows we are.

For an update on the air quality you can check out the index at www.ndhealth.gov/AQ/Ambient.aspx.