Welders wanted to help build new Bobcat excavator

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BISAMRCK, N.D. - Earning a college degree does not guarantee that you're going to find a job in your chosen field.

The odds are much better when you're being trained to perform a specific task for a company that needs you. And, in one particular instance, if you can pass the test, you're hired.

Ashley Nelson already works for the Bobcat company, and she's also a welding student at Bismarck State College. The company is expanding operations in Bismarck to build a new generation of excavators, and Ashley is one of several employees going through a specialized two week course to meet Bobcat's specifications.

"They're local, it's a real stable job," said Ashley. "I don't have to move around the country and go get dirty in ditches for a while."

Bobcat has a contract with Bismarck State College to train welders. And the instructor calls it a great deal for everyone involved.

David Mozingo, an assistant professor of welding, said, "They get exposed to seeing what Bobcat does and what they need, as far as their welding skill and how it needs to be."

And even if welding students don't go to Bobcat, Mozingo says they have plenty of job opportunities elsewhere.

Bobcat is hiring about 160 workers at its Bismarck plant in order to start production of the new excavators.