Watford City cleans up after tornado

WATFORD CITY, N.D. - Clean up efforts are starting at the RV park in Watford City where a tornado left more than 100 homes destroyed.

More than 120 volunteers are at Prairie View RV Park picking up the debris that was left by the EF2 tornado Tuesday in Watford City.

The tornado produced 127 mph winds, destroying many homes, injuring dozens and killing one baby. Now, the most important part is helping find the belongings of those victims.

"We've had an over abundance of help from the community. Over 45 local companies have donated employees and labor to come and help, equipment. And so to utilize that, once we clear an area of personal property, we're allowing some debris to be removed," said Rusty Williamson, property manager incident commander.

And as you can expect, there's a lot of it.

"It's kind of tough to tell on exactly how long this process is going to take. Our main concern is the safety inside the park and the safety for these pieces of heavy equipment," said Lt. Max Matthews-Kasner, McKenzie County Sheriff's Department.

Williamson says the property is trying to figure out what insurance will cover. He says they don't know if FEMA will be involved or if the area will be declared an emergency by the state.

They say this operation is going to take a very long time. It's not going to be a day, a week, a few weeks. They say it could even take a few months to get back to complete normalcy.