United Blood Services says the need for blood remains constant

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MINOT, N.D. - As we told you earlier this week, United Blood Services sent blood to Oroville, Calif.

Even though the mandatory evacuation there has been lifted, the need for blood remains constant.

United Blood Services says it takes almost 48 hours to process and test blood before it can be used by hospitals for transfusions.

When any disaster happens, it says it is the blood already available on shelves that saves lives. So donations are always needed.

United Blood Services Donor recruitment representative Teresa Johnson said: "Eighty percent will use a blood product in their life. Nationally, 5 percent donate and here in North Dakota, between 2-3 percent donate and that's it. So it's a very big deficit. I wish we had too much, but we don't have too much."

​To make an appointment or to see when the next blood drive is, check out bloodhero.com.