Temperatures go through the roof

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BISMARCK, N.D. - When the temperatures reach high 90s to 100s, many people choose to stay indoors and run the air conditioner on high. But, what if your work required you to be outside where it's hotter than street level.

Nailing in new shingles doesn't stop when temperatures are reaching 100 degrees.

This climb on hot, dry days makes roofers aware of the heat that only increases on the roof.

"You get too hot get in the shade, splash some water in your face whatever you need to do," said Jomie Archer, roof foreman at Leingang Home Center.

"On hot days like today it could be at least twenty degrees warmer on the roof." - stand-up

When it gets really hot you can see things start to slow down a little bit," said Drew Sorge, roofing manager at Leingang Home Center.

Drew Sorge with Leingang Home Center says roofers have a couple cases of water with them to stay hydrated. He says they also wear light clothes and do safety testing on heat exhaustion so roofers know the warning signs.

"When you stop sweating or you feel exhausted take a break just take a break you know go down and sit in the shade somewhere don't overexert yourself," said Archer

Sorge says with 100 to 200 roofs to complete during the eight month construction season his crews stay busy in the heat.>

Some roofers wear bandannas while they work so they can wet them and put them back on to stay cool.