Taxi 9000 preparing for busiest night of the year

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It's a different kind of New Years Eve bash for one company. Taxi 9000 is putting all hands on deck for their busiest night of the year.

On New Years Eve they schedule everyone they can, a total of 17 drivers and three dispatchers.

Gary Schumacher, owner of Taxi 9000, says 30 minutes is the average wait time for a busy night, but it could be more or less. He encourages patrons to be patient and has one word of advice.

"Answer your cell phone, answer your own cell phone, because when we get there we don't want to not get you, so we are going to be calling you saying 'hey we are here, come on out,'" says Schumacher.

Unfortunately, you can only call in advance to reserve a cab if you are heading to the airport.

Schumacher says the whole weekend is going to be busy for the cab company, not just on New Years Eve.