Some Emmons County students have extended snow days

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HAZELTON, N.D. - Every kid enjoys a snow day, but a few students have had an extended break while their classmates have already returned to school.

That's because they've been stuck at home.

Most students in Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock can ride the bus or in a car to school, but snow drifts are keeping some at home.

"I've lived in North Dakota my whole life, and this is just, this is insane," said Nichole Abdallah, Hazelton.

Abdallah and her four children have been trapped for three days. Her street has finally been plowed, which she says should have happened much sooner.

"We don't have to do the school bus routes, the school bus routes they're not important and it's like are you kidding me? Kids need to be able to get to school," said Abdallah.

The superintendent says three students from another family are still stuck at home. He says several bus routes have yet to be plowed.

"The gravel roads that they live on there's three to four foot drifts on them all the way across the ditches and basically yeah, it's impossible to travel on them right now," said Tracy Hanzal, Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock superintendent.

Hanzal says he's working with the county commission to make sure all bus routes are taken care of soon. The Emmons County Road Department says it has a lot of road to cover, and asks people to be patient or try to plow their own way out.

"When you get out there in the middle of nowhere, you have to have something to help yourself," said Nick Lawler, road foreman.

Lawler says his crew has more than eleven hundred miles to clear.

Hanzal says the students will not be held accountable for the days they missed, and teachers will help them make up the work.