Slumberland Furniture donates mattresses, box springs to families in need

BISMARCK, N.D. - Slumberland Furniture helps make ‘Home for the Holidays’ for families in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Since 1993, the program has donated more than 26,000 mattresses and box springs to families sleeping without a mattress.

In the area, Slumberland Furniture gave more than 10 mattresses to children in need. The 40 Weeks Foundation gives a portion of the youth memory foam mattress purchased to the foundation, which helps give more mattresses to those who are in need of a comfy sleeping situation.

“We give and make sure that kids have beds for Christmas. There’s a lot of kids that you don’t know that they are sleeping on the floor, so we make sure that we take care of them for the holidays,” says Kate Chase, store manager.

The store partners up with a church in Minot where they make homemade quilts to go with the mattress-box spring set.

The staff, company, and store of Slumberland Furniture say they have a lot of pride helping children in the area.