Sidney, Mont., housing market remains in slowdown stage

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SIDNEY, Mont. = It's a lot easier to find a house for sale in Sidney, Mont., than it was during the oil boom.

"There's like to me houses here it’s hard for people to buy because they can't afford to buy it because it’s out of their price range," said Kim Hall, Sidney resident.

During this slowdown stage that's lasted for at least a year, 130 homes are on the market.

"This is actually the highest inventory I've seen. We are definitely looking at the most options families had to look for homes in a long time," said Amanda Seigfreid, Missouri River realtor.

Seigfreid says sellers shouldn't think all hope is lost. Interest rates are still low, so buyers have plenty of options.

"When there was more people looking, than there was homes available, there was less to choose from prices went up. Right now there's so much to choose from, the prices have come down," said Seigfreid.

Sidney resident Tammy Pederson says this is her first time selling her home, and says she'll just have to be patient.

"The process it's slow, but it's definitely a house worth being seen so we will wait for the right buyer and hopefully it will get sold," said Pedersen.

With so many homes available, buyers can afford to be picky. Residents are shopping for homes between $150,000-$200,000.