Richie Wilder, Jr., pleads guilty to escape

MINOT, N.D. – An Alabama native currently serving a life sentence in North Dakota for murdering his ex-wife in Minot in November 2015 has admitted to attempting to break out of county jail last year.

Thirty-one-year-old Richie Wilder, Jr., pleaded guilty Monday to a Class C felony charge of escape. The state dismissed a Class B felony charge of possessing a weapon in a correctional facility.

Prosecutors say corrections officers witnessed Wilder on a surveillance camera chiseling at the base of the window in his jail cell on Aug. 25, 2016.

A search of Wilder’s cell revealed parts of a broom, a metal piece sharpened on one end, and bed sheets tied together to form a rope inside of his cell mattress.

Prosecutors say that it was all part of an escape plan drawn up by Richie and his current wife Cynthia to break him out of jail.

A jury convicted Richie last December of the slaying of Angila Wilder, who suffered more than 40 stab wounds.

Judge Stacy Louser upheld the joint recommendation that Richie serve five years concurrently with his life sentence.

Cynthia remains in custody on a $1 million bond on charges she helped Richie plan Angila’s killling and then aided his failed jailbreak.

Another inmate, 37-year-old Travis Mason, pleaded guilty last September to being an accomplice to Richie’s attempted escape, acting as a ‘look-out’ for him.

Richie will also appear for a motion hearing this afternoon, where he is contesting the legality of part of his murder sentence that disallows him from having contact with the children he fathered with Angila.

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