Protecting livestock key for North Dakota farmers in winter

MINOT, N.D. - It's crucial in this weather for ranchers to take care of their livestock--for the overall well-being of the animals and to protect their yearly output.

Ranchers says it's crucial to keep the animals fed and watered.

Supply them with more than enough hay or whatever you feed them so they have the energy to get through the weather.

Animals can handle winter weather fairly well, but it's good to protect them from the North Dakota winds.

Keep them in an enclosure if need be, or build up an earthen wall or a wall of snow to block the wind.

“We just put out lots of hay, like instead of feeding once a day we feed two times a day, so they've always got something to lay on and eat. And water—make sure their waters are all working good,” said Todd Lashman, a rancher from Granville.

You can find more tips on the NDSU extension website: