Prairie Federal is tough enough to wear pink, helps local cancer patients

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Battling cancer is a challenge community members don't have to fight alone.

It's that time of the year again...the tough enough to wear pink campaign is back and now you have a chance to help local community members in their battle to fight cancer.

For those battling cancer, building up physical and mental stamina can make the day-to-day challenge easier.

"When people feel more accomplished, that they accomplished something that helped themselves get better. Then they're able to do more throughout their day," says Russ Gust, Exercise Physiologist Manager.

That's where Trinity's Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation Program comes in--but without community support it's hard to keep the program going.

"Without the tough enough to wear pink this program would not exist," says Gust.

Prairie Federal Credit Union is joining the campaign for the third year by raffling off some hot items.

"There's a lot of people that are going through the cancer treatment and may not be able to afford to go through that rehabilitation and that money goes to that. To help them get back on their feet," says Beth Nelson, Prairie Federal Credit Union Marketing.

And it's really simple to do guys. All you need is a dollar. Raffle ticket. Put your ticket inside on of over 30 buckets and your money ends up right here at the local YMCA, impacting community members just like you and I.

"The T shirts, the hats, and the jewelry and stuff like that. All of that money stays local. It goes to people in our community and surrounding communities," says Gust.

Local businesses and community members are pitching in.

"We understand what people are going through and we know that there's a lot of struggles out there and one of the things we like to do is be a big part of the," says Nathan Heinert, HighAir Ground General Manager.

"It's a very worth while cause. I know a lot of people who have had breast cancer and I like that it stays locally," says Cindy Jenson, Prairie Federal Raffle Participant.

For those on the journey of cancer treatment, the support of an encouraging community can make each day a little easier.

The tough enough to wear pink campaign continues now until the 22nd with a pink party happening this Friday the 15th. Stop by Prairie Federal Credit Union to find out more information.