Pop-up shop moves into Kirkwood Mall

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BISMARCK, N.D. - A new store has opened it's doors at the Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck, but it's not your average store.

It's called a Pop-Up shop and here's how it works.

Retailors who may only have an online boutique or have a location outside of Bismarck can rent this facility on a weekly basis, so it's constantly changing.

Right now, the space is being occupied by a Facebook boutique called Violet and Mint that carries women and baby clothing and accessories.

"Brings more options available to the customers to get the small boutiques name out there, to get people accustomed to them, know who they are, and yet it's a fun experience for the customers that every week there is going to be someone new here," said Brooke Miller, Specialty leasing manager Kirkwood Mall.

"It's nice just to get out in front of people, our facebook group we have thousands of followers, but we have a lot of the same people every single time so it'll be nice to reach out and let new people know how to find us," said Violet and Mint, co-owner Michelle Kaufman.

Violet and Mint opened their pop-up shop Wednesday.