Piece of history handed to MSU

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MINOT, N.D. - Lester and Eva Hartnett taught at Minot State University in 1929.

At the time, it was called Minot State College.

Lester also wrote letters to his two sisters during World War I.

His great-niece Mary Murphy has held these historic letters, until today.

"These letters have been in my possession since 1979" said Murphy.

Murphy says Hartnett's accounts from the war are more valuable than any lesson from a textbook.

"A history book written about it twenty or thirty years later, but somebody who was in the mud, in the trenches and lived it. So I think it's pretty amazing to have. And I'm so glad his sisters maintained them and kept them" Murphy said.

Now, students and teachers can use these letters for education, which is what Murphy says Hartnett would have wanted.

"I wanted them to be where somebody could use them and appreciate them and learn from them rather than sitting in a box in my house where they've been for the past forty years" said Murphy.

Lester Hartnett won't only be remembered by the building in his name, but also for his letters from the great war.