Pet safety tips for winter

BISMARCK, N.D. - With the temperatures dropping and the cold wind chills, people start to worry about getting frost bite or hypothermia, but your pets can also be affected by the cold temperatures.

Older dogs, young puppies, young kittens and animals that have health conditions have a hard time regulating their body temperatures in the winter. But there are some helpful tips on what pet owners can do to help keep their furry friend warm.

Acclimating to the weather is the number one thing to do in the winter. If it's very cold outside, try taking your pet on a shorter walk or putting on booties and a jacket so they stay warm while they are outside.

”We're really aware that they have a place to get in and out of the cold, out of the wind. Fresh water and have adequate food supply as well,” says Dr. Kristen Klein, Missouri Valley.

Dr. Klein also says to watch for frostbite on the tip of your pets ears, nose and paws. But if you do have any questions or concerns she recommends you to call your local vet as soon as you can.