Peace Officer Memorial ceremony held at State Capitol

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BISMARCK, N.D. Sixty-four officers were honored Wednesday at the Peace Officer Memorial ceremony at the State Capitol. That's one more than last year.

That's because Colt Allery, a Rollete County Sheriff's Deputy, was killed in the line of duty in January.

Law enforcement statewide also took part in the memorial. Colt Allery's family says they're so thankful for the support.

Amazing Grace and a program by the North Dakota Peace Officers Honor Guard brought people together today to remember the fallen.

Rollete County Sheriff's Deputy Colt Allery's family says the loss is difficult, and it's nice to know people care and want to honor his service.

"It's amazing to see all these people come from everywhere and anywhere I mean, people at the funeral were from New York, and you know, all over. I mean, it's really amazing," said Alexandria Gillis, Colt Allery's fiance.

Notable speakers also took part in the event. They talked about the importance of the day and that it's not we versus law enforcement but we versus the forces of evil.

"Those peace officers are often the unfair targets for those who bear grudges against others or our government," said Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle, North Dakota Supreme Court.

"They are heroes, and our hearts go out to their families, our hearts go out to their colleagues," said Chris Myers, U.S. attorney.

All 64 names are on the Memorial outside the Capitol and all are welcome to visit and pay their respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer was also recently added to the memorial. He was killed in the line of duty in February 2016.