New small business coming to downtown Bismarck

Anne Cleary spent the last several years running her own business, but decided now was the time to open a new store, called Black Tie Optional offering men's clothing. But starting a new shop came with challenges of its own.

“There's definitely more of a learning curve to it,” Cleary said. “And financially going from zero to one hundred is obviously more of a financial investment than just adding to what's already there.”

And as Cleary opens another shop downtown, area business leaders say they're excited to see the growth in the community.

“It's pretty exciting anytime a new business opens up,” President Scott Meske of the Bismarck Mandan Chamber of Commerce said.

And it's not just local leaders helping business owners. Congressional leaders including Heidi Heitkamp are pushing for the “Supporting America's Innovators Act" which they say would open more doors for small businesses to access startup money.

“We always like to see less government, less government intervention in our businesses,” Meske said. “That really allows them to be part of the community and they don't have to worry so much about some of the regulatory burdens.”

As Anne's businesses continue to grow she says she'll take the bad with the good.

“Because I failed in a small sense just gets me closer to being successful and continuing to grow,” she said.