Neuter Scooter hopes to help control stray population

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BALDWIN, ND - There are more than 70,000 cats and dogs born each day, and according to Spay USA, 70 percent of cats who enter shelters are euthanized.

Two non-profits are trying to save the lives of cats in our neighborhood.

Furry Friends Rockin Resue is on a mission.

Saturday, volunteers have spayed and neutered 16 cats through the help of a neuter scooter, a clinic on wheels.

'We're trying to at least limit the number of cats at this place so we can at least move them around and keep all of them fed for the winter," says Julie Schirado, co-founder of Furry Friends Rockin Rescue

Schirado is the founder of Furry Friends, a non profit that seeks to rescue, save, and re-house animals.

Today they're using the neuter scooter to fix feral cats.

"Two female cats can knock out a couple hundred kittens within a year and a half, two years, so imagine what those couple kittens can do," says Schirado.

According to Spay USA, an unspayed female cat, her mate, and their offspring can potentially produce more than 10,000 cats in 5 years.

With crowded animal shelters and limited amount of homes, thousands of cats are euthanized everyday.

'Well all the impounds were full, the shelters were full. There was a waiting list of like 400 cats." says Lee Rittel, founder of A Cause for Claws.

Lee Rittel ran into a similar problem years ago when he rescued 7 cats- which quickly turned into 35. It inspired him to start a non-profit and create the neuter scooter.

"We can help save the animals. Actually by preventing births, we're saving births," says Rittel.

Some of the cats fixed today will be taken home.

The organization plans to fix at least 100 more cats next month.

To adopt, foster an animal, or donate, you can visit Furry Friend's website at