N.D. lawmaker hopes to change Sunday retail sales 'blue law'

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BISMARCK, N.D. - A North Dakota lawmaker wants to change the law that prevents retail stores from opening before noon on Sundays.


It's called the Blue Law.

Democratic Representative Pam Anderson says other states around us don't have a similar prohibition and the law is archaic.

The "Blue Law" has changed over the years, and at one point in the 1960s, no sales could take place anytime on Sunday. The law was later changed to exempt some businesses, such as pharmacies and restaurants. Then in the 1990s, it was changed again to allow retail sales after noon on Sundays. Anderson says it's time for another change.

"We have 24/7 online shopping. I think times have changed either how families look at Sundays. People go to church on Wednesdays, they go to church on Saturday, they get done with church at 9," says Rep. Pam Anderson (D), Fargo

Anderson says the bill was a constituent suggestion and she believes it has wide bi-partisan support despite the fact similar bills have failed in the past.