ND Highway Patrol investigating oil splashed on state Capitol doors

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BISMARCK, ND - The North Dakota Highway Patrol is trying to identify the vandals who splashed motor oil on and near the state Capitol building.

The ND Highway Patrol says video surveillance from last night shows two people pouring oil on the property. Lieutenant Tom Iverson says they're using surveillance footage to assist in the investigation.

Iverson says around 9:30 p.m. the suspects also placed a sign nearby that says, "You can't drink oil."

The security video shows the two people dressed in black carrying the oil and sign.

Iverson says the incident is completely uncalled for and clean-up lasted several hours.

He says there's definitely a connection between the vandalism and the pipeline protest but isn't comfortable saying that demonstrators are responsible.

"There's definitely a connection with the No-DAPL cause, or at least a connection with those that are against oil. I mean, when someone that leaves a sign on scene that says "You can't drink oil," and we've seen much of that same rhetoric from those that are protesting the DAPL pipeline," says Iverson.

The Highway Patrol asks anyone with information should contact them at 328-2455.

Courtesy: North Dakota Highway Patrol
Courtesy: North Dakota Highway Patrol
Courtesy: North Dakota Highway Patrol