N.D. Department of Public Instruction works to improve high school dropout percentage

BISMARCK, N.D. - Although North Dakota has one of the best graduation rates in the country, the Department of Public Instruction strives for improvement.

North Dakota has a high school graduation rate of nearly 90 percent - but state officials say it's the ten percent who aren't graduating, that matter most.

Keynote speakers at the Dropout Prevention and Reengagement Summit talked about what a student considering dropping out might look like and how social events might increase the risk of failing to graduate. They said dropping out of school is the result of long term disengagement.

“If North Dakota is going to reach our greatest potential, we're going to need to continue to focus on why some of our students aren't experiencing success in the high school and what we can do to help better support them so each and every one of our students receives a high school diploma,” said State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler.

The summit was to kick off the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction's fall conference. The forum begins tonight at the Bismarck Event Center and will have more than 700 people in attendance.