ND Attorney General creates 'Marsy's Card' to help answer questions about the law

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Marsy's Law, a victim's rights bill, placed victims protections in the state's constitution after being approved by voters in the fall. Still, many didn't know how to inform victims of their rights, as required in the measure.

Now, the Attorney General's Office has created a uniform Marsy's Card that every officer in the state will be able to provide to victims. It gives a brief overview of how people can assert their rights.

Marsy's Law for North Dakota is covering the $5,000 cost to print the cards.

"Clearly, additional questions are going to come up. Some of those will have to be developed, I guess, through legislation or through case law as cases work their way through the court, but this is something I think will answer most of the questions we've been seeing," says Stenehjem.

Stenehjem has also created a more thorough guidance that can be found at: attorneygeneral.nd.gov. Anyone can sign up for victim notifications on court dates there as well.