Minot residents talk improving snow removal with Public Works

MINOT, N.D. - Going all the way back to November, snowfall—and snow removal—has been a major issue facing communities across North Dakota.

The continuous snowfall has hindered the removal process for many cities, including Minot, as it starts snowing again, before they have the previous snowfall cleared up.

Members of the Minot community discussed ways to improve the snow removal process with Minot's Public Works committee, including potentially starting another ad-hoc committee to tackle the issue.

Minot has already seen record snowfalls this winter—in fact, the city broke last year's record for snow before Winter technically began.

The city's Public Works Committee approved a motion to develop a plan of action for the department to develop a refueling station, and form an ad-hoc committee to brainstorm ideas to improve snow removal.

City leaders say the snow removal crews have tackled head-on a near-impossible task.

“I would say 90 percent of the interaction I've had with constituents has been overwhelmingly positive. This compared to the snows of Buffalo and Rochester,” said Minot Mayor Chuck Barney.

Minot resident Damon Deslondes, who spoke at the committee's meeting, said he's fielded concerns from some residents who haven't had their roads cleared yet.

He credited the city for their hard work, but said the snow comes at a cost, and there's room for improvement.

“This is a big issue. Hopefully it won't happen all that often. But it's a pretty major issue financially for the city. it's a pretty major issue financially for the individual,” Deslondes said.

The topic will come up again at the full city council meeting next Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers.