Minot leaders considering city auditorium as central polling location

​MINOT, N.D. - Minot leaders are considering making a central polling location for the city's elections.

Ward County Auditor/Treasurer Devra Smestad has suggested the Minot Auditorium serve as the city's polling spot.

In past major elections, churches in Minot along with the Maysa Arena have served as polling locations in addition to the auditorium, but that was when the city still had its ward system.

City leaders say it would help with parking issues, along with costs and scheduling for poll workers.

“The courthouse administration building, it's a real issue. And one of the advantages you pointed out in your memo is there's lots of parking at the auditorium,” said Stephan Podrygula, Minot alderman.

“By having it all centrally located, if someone, it reduces the possibility that someone goes to the wrong polling location,” said David Lakefield, Minot Finance Director.

The issue is on the agenda for Tuesday evening's city council meeting.

You can find the agenda for the meeting here: www.minotnd.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_09052017-516?html=true