Minot community rallies behind nursing group's mission to Haiti

A group of four women from Minot are headed to Haiti. It's part of a special mission trip, where they will spend a week giving the people of Haiti some much needed medical attention—and the Minot community has rallied behind them.

Photo courtesy: Melissa Fettig

While many North Dakotans head somewhere warm for vacation, these Minot women are doing so to make a difference in the world.

They're part of the international nursing group Sigma Theta Tau, and they've teamed up with Third World Missions for a week-long relief trip to Haiti, one of the most impoverished nations in the world.

“They take teams out there periodically as soon as people volunteer to go, and they supply all the medical supplies, clothes, toys, things like that,” said Diane Sjol.

The group will offer medical supplies from syringes to bandages to basic care to a community near Port-au-Prince.

“It just went quickly from wanting to send supplies to wanting to go over there and provide care for these people,” said Melissa Fettig.

Renee Duncan said: "If we don't bring the supplies that we bring, they have nothing. They don't have basic medical supplies, and so, whatever we bring is what they have."

Jamie Hammer, who works in Trinity's NICU, said it's a chance to offer a human touch for people in a part of the world often forgotten by the rest.

“To be able to hold those children and give them what they need, to help bond with them, to get them to the next level of developmental stages is huge,” said Hammer.

Their friends and neighbors in Minot have rallied behind them, and it's not just with money, but with countless donations of medical supplies, clothing, and the like, from MainStream Boutique to Michele F, to Scheels, Minot State, and many others.

“We could plan this trip, but if we didn't have anything to take with us, and we could not afford to go ourselves and purchase all of these things,” said Sjol.

Bringing the love of the Peace Garden State to a people thousands of miles away.

KMOT will be following up with their trip when they get back.

If you want to learn more about their mission, you can log on to the website: www.thirdworldmissions.org.