Minot Airport reacts to Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting

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MINOT, N.D. - The shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Friday afternoon is prompting airports across the country to re-evaluate their security, including Minot International Airport.

Airport Director Rick Feltner says they take these incidents seriously.

The exact details of the shooting are still not perfectly clear, but he says he and his colleagues part in conference calls with TSA, as well as briefing the Minot Police Department of the situation.

Feltner says security is their top priority and encourages people to speak up if they see anything out of the ordinary. He says Minot Airport employees are required to complete various emergency exercises, so they are prepared if an incident were to happen here.

"We're not a big airport, but we're aware of the fact that we could be the target of the people who want to do ill as well. Just because we're not as big as Fort Lauderdale, doesn't mean we don't take the threat seriously, and do all we can to be ready for anything like that. That could happen here," says Feltner.

Feltner says one of the security measures they always enforce is prohibiting parking on the curb outside of the airport.

The Minot Police Department routinely patrols the airport, but following Friday's shooting in Florida, the police chief says he plans to increase the police presence over the next few weeks.

"The police department will be giving some increased patrols at the Minot Airport just in the next few weeks in response to people's concerns and assure the public that we do have a presence there," says Chief Jason Olson, Minot Police Department.

He also suggests if you see anything or anyone suspicious, tell airport security or call the police.