Mike Faith sworn in as Standing Rock Sioux Tribal chairman

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STANDING ROCK, N.D. - Last month Mike Faith unseated Dave Archambault as chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Wednesday he was sworn in in front of tribal members.

Mike Faith says his decision to run for chairman didn't have anything to do with Dave Archambault's handling of the Dakota Access Pipeline situation, but simply that he thought he could do a really good job.

Faith is an 18-year veteran of the Standing Rock Tribal Council and has previous experience working for different tribal agencies before that. He says that knowledge will help him work on the issues facing the tribe. Faith says his number one priority is fighting drug use in Standing Rock.

“We have drug problems like everywhere else. Meth is one of them and we need to combat that but to do that we need to be united and the people have to join in on this,” said Faith.

Faith did discuss last year’s protests saying the Sioux woke the world up, but in doing so they neglected their own.