McKenzie County rangers urge visitors to follow park rules for Fourth of July

WILLISTON, N.D. - The Horse Pasture will be soon be filled with tourists. The rangers in the district are encouraging everyone to have fun during the holidays, but to be mindful of park rules.

"Exploding targets are not allowed on the grasslands. We've had several people doing that and it's probably an awareness issue that people don't know that they can't, but they are not allowed," said Oscar Knudtson, zone assistant fire manager of Dakota Grasslands.

Although, there are different parks across North Dakota, Knudtson says tourists should be mindful of each county's park rules, since they may have changed.

"Some counties have put an outright ban on open burning and fireworks, so just be aware of that," said Knudtson.

District rangers are urging visitors not to bring any fireworks to the grasslands, as it can disturb all animals in the area.

"You can have a bullet ricochet off of a rock or if you're using steel targets it can create a spark and also it can lead to a fire," said Knudtson.

If you are taking a camping trip to a national park, fire rangers will be on the lookout, making sure your plans don't go up in smoke.