March Mobility Madness gets everyone in the game

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MANDAN, ND - Eight teams, dozens of athletes, and the wheels rolling on the court.

While March Madness is on TV, March Mobility Madness was happening in the community. Teams of athletes, both athletes with disabilities and able-bodied were going head to head in the tournament.

"It gives people with disabilities the opportunity to get out and do the same thing able-bodied athletes get to do. It makes them feel part of something. It gets them out of the house, gets them out of, just that daily routine. Gets their mind off some of the things they're dealing with each day," said Jeremy Fiester, an athlete for Dreams in Motion.

A number of Paralympians came to work with aspiring athletes, and to give their support to the cause here in North Dakota, building excitement for the future generations of these impressive athletes.

"I remember my first day, when I walked into the gym, and I saw them scrimmaging, you have speed, you have to be agile, you have to have team work, you have to have strength, it's a lot of strength, it's metal-on-metal, it's just awesome!" said Mariska "Mars" Beijer, a Bronze-winning Paralympian.

The tournament was kicked off with a paralympic-caliber scrimmage to help show some of the newcomers how a real game is played.

"It's a lot different than basketball, it's also similar, it's way more competitive, it's very fast. They are extremely talented. I've practiced just for a couple minutes, and I have yet to hit a shot. So it was very impressive what they just did there," said Michael Gorder, a UMary Basketball player.

Of the eight teams participating in the tournament, four came from the University of Mary, including the UMary Men's Basketball team.

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