Main Street Minute: Later Gator Kids, TW Wired

BISMARCK, N.D. - TW Wired takes care of your automotive wiring needs, and Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales is the largest three day kid's sale in North Dakota.

Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales is getting ready for its big sale.

"We do a lot of late night hours. A lot of times a lot of laughter, some tears, but we have a lot of fun with planning it, and prepping and then also once the event hits. It's just so much fun," said co-owner Jennifer Winterberg.

The sale only happens twice a year, but it's been a big hit to parents and children.

"The best part of this is just meeting the local moms. We have had so many friendships created for people that have never met each other or maybe have only met each other online. They come to our event expecting just to get the money from selling their items or finding great deals, but then find friendships," said co-owner Kristi Voeller.

You can shop, sell, and save Sept. 21 through the 23 at the 4-H building in Bismarck. Another business in town is TW Wired.

They take care of all your automotive and motor sports wiring needs.

"If you have, for example, an older car that needs re-wiring, we can go ahead and provide services to do that. Also, if you’re looking to do, for example, and engine swap, we can go ahead and provide building a harness like this," said Tenor Walker, Owner.

Although it's a lot of work for one person, Tenor Walker says it's his passion.

For more information on TW Wired or Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales you can search them on Facebook.

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