MAFB opens temporary lodging facility

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot Air Force Base opened it's new Temporary Lodging Facility Tuesday.

The $18.9 million facility has 93 units, 12 of which are pet-friendly. Construction on the facility began in April 2015 and is replacing the 45-year-old facility next door.

Each family unit has two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, full kitchen and laundry facilities.

The facility is the first place new Air Force families will see when moving to the base.

"This new building will be a tremendous improvement for the quality of life for our Air Force families and our men and women of Minot Air Force Base. As you know, the sign on the gate says 'Only the best come North.' We're tremendously proud to open this tremendous temporary lodging facility to prove how once again that airmen and families are a tremendous priority here at Minot Air Force Base," says Col. Matthew Brooks, Minot Air Force Base Commander.

"Ya know, lodging here is one of the very first places that people come when they come to Minot Air Force base when they move here. So we're a first impression, and it's going to make people feel welcome and safe and enthusiastic about coming to Minot," says Corlee Esselman, Lodging Manager.
The old facility is set to be demolished. Families will move into the new temporary lodging facility as early as next week.