Loan to help improve Sawyer's drinking water

SAWYER, N.D. - Residents in Sawyer will soon have access to better drinking water, thanks in part to a $125,000 loan Friday from the Rural Development Finance Corporation.

The City of Sawyer voted to improve its water quality by connecting to the North Prairie Rural Water District.

While Sawyer’s current drinking water meets the primary standards established by the EPA, it is high in iron and manganese, which causes a brownish discoloration. It also results in more frequent replacement of plumbing fixtures and appliances.

“For that reason we want to make sure our citizens have water that is appealing to drink even though it meets EPA standards for drinking water. it is just very unappealing,” said Susan Schmidt, Sawyer City Auditor.

The nearly $300,000 water improvement project is expected to be completed in September, and Schmidt says residents will likely start noticing a difference in the water within a couple of months.

They will also notice a difference on their bills. The minimum monthly charge is increasing by $13.