Little Free Pantry of food

BISMARCK, N.D. - You might have heard of The Little Free Libraries, that you can put books in and out of, but have you heard of a Little Free Pantry?

It's the same concept as the library, but this box holds food instead of books.

After months of building six pantries for the community, students who go to Career Academy finally got to see their hard work pay off.

"Pretty excited, it's actually really neat to see it standing and doing its job basically," said sophomore Seth Grasz.

"Pretty nice, just knowing that kids can come here and grab some food so they won't be hungry like over the weekend or just for the night," said sophomore Kevin Koester.

Boxes were placed at Shepherd of the Valley Church and Pioneer Elementary School. People who walk by can either take or place a food item in the pantry.

"It's one of those acts of mercy as Christ cares to us. He cared for us so much that he died and rose again for us, and he wants us to care for those in
need. This is just one simple way that we can be caring for people in need," said Pastor Les Wolfgram.

"Our community has some awesome resources already, and I just feel like this is one more," said project organizer Kim Dockter.

Although it seems like a risk to keep food outside, Dockter says if we don't take risks then we won't see any benefits.

More pantries are planned for the community. If you know of a location for one, you can search Little Free Pantry-Bismarck Mandan on Facebook.