Library kicks off eclipse talks

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Those getting struck by eclipse fever have a few more chances to learn everything they can.

The Bismarck Library is hosting a series of talks on the upcoming eclipse. Today was their first talk, given by KFYR's own Curt Olson. While not an astronomer, he has been doing a fair amount of research on his own and was sharing what he has learned so far with those that came.

"I've been interested in the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse, and seeing what you can see in the sky, I've been watching. I've seen the lunar eclipse before, but I think the last time we had a chance to see an eclipse in Bismarck it was cloudy, so I've been looking forward to this date," said Joyce Hessman, a Bismarck Resident.

The next talk will be at 7:30 pm on August 17. It will be given by Dr. Tony Musumba of BSC.