Lemonade Day puts spotlight on budding entrepreneurs

Children across Bismarck-Mandan are learning entrepreneurship one glass at a time.

These VIPs are on their way to an important meeting with a bright young entrepreneur.

"I told them my business plan and how I made the lemonade," said Miles Lautenschlager, a young entrepreneur.

They've been touring a few of the lemonade stands that popped up around the BisMan area this weekend, and this entrepreneur is younger than you'd expect.

Miles is one of more than three hundred kids, grades three through eight, that are manning these lemonade stands.

"They give you a booklet and you have steps to go over," said Nicole Lautenschlager, Miles' Mother. "You can kind of tailor it depending on what age the child is."

The kids have to find sponsors and business partners to help them out.

They figure out their start-up costs, expenses, and more.

"My favorite part is their names. Coming up with the clever, creative whatever they're going to call their business,"said John Bollinger, Co-City Champion of Lemonade Day.

"I really like rhyming words so I just went with Smiles from Miles," said Miles.

And a lot of smiles were going around as people enjoyed Miles' popcorn and lemonade, but today had more lessons than just business.

"If you have an idea, and your passionate about it, you can achieve anything. If you work hard enough the sky is the limit," said Bollinger.

As quickly as they came, the VIPs were off continuing their tour.

Miles is only seven years old and participated in Lemonade Day for the fun of it.​