Lawmakers approaching changes to voter ID law

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BISMARCK, N In North Dakota, you are allowed to sign an affidavit to vote even if you don't have proper identification on election day.

Lawmakers are looking to change that system.

Under a proposed law, voters who show up unprepared will be allowed to sign an affidavit, then vote with a set-aside ballot.

The ballot would only be counted if that voter showed proper ID to an election official within 6 days.

"It's going to give everybody an opportunity to vote now. The absentee ballot will work better. It'll work better with the election and the voters process," saID Sen. Richard Marcellais, D-Belcourt.

Marcellais is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, members of which sued the state to allow for the current affidavit system.

Rep. Pam Anderson, D-Fargo, voted to send the bill to the Senate out of conference committee, but said it may not stand up to a similar court challenge.

The bill is headed to the Senate for final approval.